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Te Vaka


1/ Tokelau (introduction) 1:02
2/ Te namo 5:02
3/ Pate mo tou vae 2:56
4/ Papa e 4:17
5/ Ki te la 4:26
6/ Tautai e 4:10
7/ Vaka gaoi 2:15
8/ Tagi Sina 2:03
9/ Te Vaka 3:10
10/ E keli 3:14
11/ Ika Ika 4:56
12/ Siva mai 4:13


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Original, Contemporary Pacific MusicOpetaia Foa'i, group leader and amarragessansfrontieres.com main composer of Te Vaka, was born in Samoa and grew up in New Zealand. Accordingly, Foa'i’s vision of Pacific music combines elements of music indigenous to both, as well as Tokelau and Tuvalu (neighbouring Islands colonized by New Zealand), and lightly flavours them with Aboriginal and European styles.The first sound on this disc to grab your attention is cost of propecia the poly-rhythmic attack of Te Vaka’s percussion. Log drums and the Pacific version of cialis online 50mgs the on line pharmacy conga (originally made with shark skins) are found throughout Oceania, and Te Vaka’s rhythms, especially on levitra purchasing the tunes based on traditional dances, are as vigorous as anything coming out of the Africa diaspora. "Ika Ika," in which a fisherman dreams of cooking the day’s catch, and the closing ceremonial "Siva Mai" may have echoes in the Caribbean, but it’s the scorching staccato of the log drums that makes these tracks rock.Melodically, Te Vaka is anchored by both the chiming tones of Foa'i’s inventive acoustic guitar picking (using an open tuning favored by many Pacific Islanders) and the bands affable vocals, augmented here by male and female choruses that give the tunes an added spiritual depth. The group’s overall sound is soothing, full of melodies that celebrate the South Pacific’s easy-going lifestyle; yet Te Vaka also takes on the weighty subjects of economic displacement and the genocidal raids South American slavers made on Tokelau during the levitra discounts 1850’s.With the exception of wow)) where to http://jaygalbraith.com/professional-viagra-online get viagra the current revival of the Hawaiian slack-key guitar, most of the music that’s passed off as "Pacific" is either watered-down tourist fare or hokey, Martin Denny-inspired exotica. Te Vaka’s forceful rhythms, inspired melodies, and heartfelt songwriting offer a long - overdue, stereotype-smashing glimpse into the true soul of the South Seas.

Review by J.Poet
Wired Magazine USA

...At once tribal and levitra online rootsy, the atmospheric results make for a refreshing antidote to much of todays self-obsessed pop. Te Vaka will appeal to world music fanatics, new agers, smooth-jazz listeners and anyone else that appreciates gorgeous harmonies, infectious log-drum rhythms and joyous percussion.

Review in L.A.Daily news, USA

 If you are looking for something refreshingly new and bright. Rejoice, for Te Vaka is here to bring Island bliss to the heartland! Ceaselessly globe-trotting, this 10 piece ensemble is bringing the cheerful pleasures of Pacific Island Music to the world with colourful style and joie de vivre. An impeccable songwriter, Opetaia Foa’i crafts rootsy folk music sung in the Polynesian dialect of Tokelau with attractive swing rhythms performed on indigenous instrumentation, including log drum and open-tuned guitar. The songs "Papa e" and "Tautai e" don’t need English translations for one to savor the lovely male-female duets, powerful backing chorus, perky percussion, warm guitar rhythms, and beautiful melodies. Also, renowned for it’s percussive skills, the ensemble gives a dazzling virtuosic display on "Pate mo tou vae" complete with breath-expelled chants and traditional cheering. Gypsy Kings and viagra next day delivery Ladysmith Black Mambazo, move over. With such and abundance of http://jaygalbraith.com/ordering-viagra skills and musical appeal, Te Vaka gets my vote as best new-world music group!



"I love their spirit and how they use their music to speak out against injustice and destroying the earth. Music is such a powerful catalyst for change."

"Their music touches my heart in spite of the language difference."

"I so love these gentle soldiers for compassion and goodness on this earth."

"I'm deeply moved and inspired by every note and cialis online buy the Spirit that I feel in Te Vaka's music."